Home Sleep Testing Rational


Dr Philip Johnson DDSThere are two ways to conduct a sleep study in order to obtain a diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing.  Either a study done at a sleep lab or home sleep testing.  A sleep study can be recommended by either a physician or in my case a dentist.  Sleep studies are recommended after an interview with a patient that has yielded a high pre-test probability of having some form of sleep disorded  breathing.  Risk factors to name a few are as follows: Daytime sleepiness, disrupted sleep, habitual snoring, obesity, observed chocking and gasping, high blood pressure, acid reflux during sleep.  These listed symptoms are some but not all of the negative health effects of sleep apnea.  Outside of serious health conditions home sleep testing is appropriate for most people.  If you would like to undergo a sleep study in the privacy of your home give my office a call today and be on your way to quality sleep and a healthier longer life

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